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    Thanks. Not familiar with the IB-24 but I’ve heard both HS-24 models, BHS-24 (130lb beast!), both HST-18s, HST-15, HT-18, and BM MK IV(12” car). All of them were high quality and high performing. Even more important to both of us, me for business and you for distance, the subs have been very reliable though I would recommend having Nick go through an extended burn-in period in your case. I have no reason to doubt the IB-24 as it shares the same pedigree with which I am so enamored.
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    Here's curtain shaker at 126db. The cone excursion is highest (about 1/4") during the 10hz portion at 114db.
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    I've got a couple of pro woofers on hand for 2018 so far. I need to do some more testing with the 21DS115-4, but I also have a JBL 2269H 18 and 2 18Sound 21's the 21NLW9601 and 21ID. I also have a couple of vented pro subs I didn't get to in 2017. Even more JTR Speakers testing is on the schedule for when spring gets here.
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    Done 'right' or not, compression always degrades quality, IMO. JSS
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    I noticed that part where Rey goes into the woods. Whatever was going on was at the lower limits of my sub's response so I could tell something was up, but not exactly what it was. Damn unnerving in any case. I think one of the things that is making this movie such a big hit is the fact that most of the soundtrack is at a lower level than normal, but the bass isn't (the PvA shows 'normal' bass levels). Once you turn up the volume to compensate for the rest of the soundtrack the bass is even louder. I was going to do some scenecaps but I'm stalling hoping Shredhead was planning something. His caps are always excellent.
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    Well, I finally got a chance to sit down and watch the whole movie. Played it back at -3dB with Dolby Surround upmixer. Excellent 7.1 surround mix. But this place is about bass. Some DEEP bass notes. People are making comments about the use of the Force by Kylo and the resulting room shaking bass. There was a quite a bit of this of course (it's Star Wars!). The bass during which sure would bring out the rattles and buzzes in the room. Seen several mentions of the Poe interrogation scene. While this does sound impressive... by far the deepest bass of these parts is the one with Rey in the forest when Rey and Kylo first encounter one another. This bass was much deeper than the Poe interrogation scene and to me was deeper than the Rey interrogation scene after the forest one. Speaking of forest... when Rey storms out of the Cantina and runs into the woods, there is a part where a nice deep bass rolls in (felt like 15hz or lower). Then she stops and looks back before she continues further into the woods. Real good deep bass there that might go unnoticed by those that really aren't reproducing the deep stuff. Another dose of this bass is felt soon after when Han, Chewy and Maz are under the Cantina to go fetch Luke's lightsaber. Plenty of fun bass throughout but those were some notes I have about DEEP bass. I'd be curious if anyone charts those parts and confirm my experience.
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