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    15hz is a pretty good goal for extension, if it's in limited quantity. Extension below is honestly not as exciting as it sounds. 15-30hz is where the real meat of that sensation of "weight" is. Below 15hz, there isn't so much sensation to be appreciated. The effects on the room on the other hand, are quite palpable sometimes. Will this affect your enjoyment? Maybe. After a while the effects become less interesting and more like a cheap parlor trick. Don't get me wrong, I'm not poo-pooing full bandwidth extension. Just saying that producing it might not really add to the enjoyment of either movies or music....as 15hz and up surely will. As @SME mentioned, you can still build a riser with no drivers. That is a thing people do.
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    I've got a couple of pro woofers on hand for 2018 so far. I need to do some more testing with the 21DS115-4, but I also have a JBL 2269H 18 and 2 18Sound 21's the 21NLW9601 and 21ID. I also have a couple of vented pro subs I didn't get to in 2017. Even more JTR Speakers testing is on the schedule for when spring gets here.
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    Wonder if he will "loan" me one for testing? LOL. What does he expect people to power with these? I guess it could be useful in an arena or very large concert hall. for that price I'd expect some dsp and networking options and maybe a free hat.