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    I should amend my critique to add that keeping cost low is likely a factor that went into the optimization. We DIYers often take for granted that actual parts cost is typically a much smaller percentage of the finished product cost in a retail offering than a DIY build. I don't know a whole lot about how Klippel testing works, but the amp should be able to achieve more excursion at Fs than below because of Qtc > 0.707. This may actually suit the SVS design well if the amp is unable to achieve its "peak" power rating for any useful length of time at Fs, even despite the impedance peak. The high Qtc would provide an extra boost where the amp can't quite "get there", but the amp would be able to go full tilt into higher frequencies where the mass and inductance really hold it back. The Klippel's look real nice as far as allowing lots of excursion with low THD. It'll probably look great in a standard measurement suite including CEA. However, the inductance variance seems pretty high to me. Maybe it's fine for a budget consumer sub. Still, I'd bet that it sounds a lot better, the lower the crossover point is.