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    Hello from The Harbottle Audio Co. We would like to take a minute to tell all of you good people that we are an authorized dealer for Funk Audio components and Focusworks Audio drivers. These drivers and amps that are gaining rapid awareness are now available to the public. Keep in touch for special offers and promotions. You can find us at www.harbottleaudio.com
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    Back from the dead... I finally have the last 4 drivers for the second cab and have been slowly installing them. I should hopefully have the 2nd one ready to plug in late tonight. I am not looking forward to moving everything out and putting these back in the corners. I have to pull the first one back out of the corner, pull the hatches and a couple drivers and rewire it the same as the second too. Lift with the legs...
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    Available by July 15th! Man18 DIY subwoofer kits. http://www.harbottleaudio.com/ We are also searching for any interest in a group buy for the UH21v1 w/2.4kW x1M3 plate amp. Please fill out the form below to voice your enthusiasm for this offer! http://www.harbottleaudio.com/special-offers.html
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    Does DB / @Ricci get commission? HA. not from me. He might have to talk to Nathan Funk about that. but seriously though, data-bass testing is by far the most comprehensive. i'd be a dummy if i didn't point to this site. I've sat back in awe of what you guys can do, know, and understand for about 7 years now, and Im just feeling like Im getting it nailed down. Then i visit a facebook group and suddenly im a genius!
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    Focusworks GUJ21v1 is now available. There are a couple of drivers in stock ready for delivery. These were used for testing by DB and Focusworks. Data-Bass test results should be coming along soon as well.
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    Here is what the manufacturers recommend. Sealed enclosure 0.7 Q, with recommended power to reach Xmax. GUJ18V1 150L 2000 watts TSAD18V1-R 100L 2000 watts (based on preliminary specs, subject to change) GUJ21V1 275L 2000 watts TSAD21V1 250L 1500 watts (based on preliminary specs, subject to change)
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    That is an excellent question and it will be answered. In order to give everyone a comprehensive view of these drivers and how they compare, we will be compiling recommended enclosure designs and sizes over the next few days. Keep an eye on our website and this thread for details. Thank you. The H.A.C.
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