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It's not really a proper bass EQ, but I decided to try getting a bit more low end out of "the Martian".  First, a disclaimer.  I don't know what's going on in the individual channels or how much headroom was there to play with, so I can't guarantee that this won't push one of the channels over full-scale or push the overall level above a 7.1 WCS.  The way my BEQ system works, the only headroom limitation I have is at the amps.


Looking at the PvA, it looks like there might be a slight shelf around 25 Hz, so I applied this to all channels:


        LowShelfFilter(f0=25.0, gain=+7.0)
        LowShelfFilter(f0=15.0, gain=+1.0)

How did it sound?  Well, the boost was enough to make at least some of the 10 Hz "tension effect" perceivable.  It definitely added some extra heft to the doors and quite a few other effects.  On the flip side, it robbed one of the disco songs of some punch.  Maybe if I could have reduced the amount of boost at ~40 Hz that'd not be a problem, but sadly that's an area that could have used a bit more output on the launch scenes.


The launch scenes were definitely improved.  The latter one with the heavy ULF is a lot more exciting with the boost, which pushed the single digits high enough to get a bit of floor wobble going.  My wife was apparently standing at the back of the room, near the hall, and said she felt her hair moving.  :)  Also, the few big explosions got just an extra bit of heft.


I'm not sure if it was really worth it though.  Next time, I'll probably watch the movie without the EQ, but I don't know if I'll remember this experience well enough to fairly compare.

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Wanted to see Titanic, never saw it before.

Watching the opening scenes reveals something is missing, and from what I can hear - such a pity. Can this be improved..

And it can. There is a steep 25hz high-pass, and doing the bass-eq magic retrieves some of the weight and natural balance that was lost in the studio because they had mediocre monitoring speakers.

The exact numbers are on a different computer, but something like this:


2x sfm 22hz q=2.2 gain=+9dB, + eq to adjust for the inevitable midbass dip.


2x sfm 22hz q=2.2 gain=+9dB, 1x sfm 22hz q=2.2 gain +6dB + eq to adjust for the inevitable midbass dip.


Much better, the helicopter in an early scene now sounds great, you can sense your hair moving as it comes around to land.

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3 hours ago, maxmercy said:

Kong: Skull Island may be amenable to BEQ.....

Way cool!  But does it need it?  (I haven't watched it yet FWIW.)

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I watched "Thor" with BEQ tonight.  It's the first time I've watched "Thor" on the new system, and I'm glad I waited.  This was a very loud track with a lot of wide-band upper mid / high frequency effects.  And of course there is clipping in a lot of places.  However, I was pleasantly surprised by how good it sounded at my usual "-4" playback level and without any roll-offs applied, even at the top.  The loud effects were never uncomfortable or harsh.  In some sense, this was a great mix for the mixers, but not so much for those with inferior systems, which would tend to not handle the harsh, overdriven waveforms as gracefully.  Certainly the last time I watched this on mere "92 dB/2.83V/1m" speakers, I found it to be uncomfortable at "-7".

The bass here with BEQ was a lot of fun.  I think a lot of sequences in this are demo-able.  At one point, I noticed very slow sweep down in the infrasonic range.  Very subtle, but very effective for the scene it was in.  I also noticed some nice ULF ambiance (wind) in the some of the desert scenes.  Perhaps this was just "noise" picked up by the mic, but it fit the picture very well.  In fact, nothing sounded out of place with the BEQ.

I think about the people on AVSForum who argue that extra extension is worthless because "the director didn't hear it that low" on the stage.  True enough, but that doesn't mean that it isn't a great track with full extension.  I'd argue that I heard it the way the director would have wanted it to be heard, if he/she had known better.

Big thanks again to JSS for putting this together.  I have to say that I've enjoyed the ULF in BEQ films more than in just about any of the naturally extended films I've watched.   Your work is high quality.  :)

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So about "Kong".  One guy says it challenged his Raptor 3 system.  But it could benefit from BEQ?  How does that happen?  Maybe it's content above 15 Hz that pushes them so hard.  If so, I'm going to have a real fun time with this one.  :)

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