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  1. Ok, I neeeeeed to invite myself round for a listen at some point LOL Did I hear someone say "UK GTG"?
  2. So you're saying you're in the UK and have a BossoBass Raptor system.... ? Are you receiving guests?
  3. I know it's completely subjective, but I find that the radio and other 'flat' tracks with little dynamic range are very wearing to listen to - sometimes I have to turn off and swap to some classical music, simply because it seems to be a lot better recorded, with a much larger dynamic range, and gives my ears a break. It's much the same with films that are the victim of the loudness wars - I'm up and down on the volume controls throughout Star Trek: Into Darkness, whereas something like Oblivion is set-and-forget. What I find most interesting is that if one picks up some CDs from back in the 80s, such as those listed on that link I posted earlier, they do have dynamic range and are recorded a lot quieter than modern stuff - I presume because the loudness wars hadn't started and people actually just recorded stuff how it was played. So, despite the audio systems being (I assume) a lot lower in quality than the stuff one can buy nowadays, they actually had the quality of recordings and had to exercise their own control over their volume knobs.
  4. @Ricci's idea of 'nothing special' differs somewhat from my own LOL If you just want to get rid of all that old junk, I can find a home for it
  5. Only very few tunes seem to have Dynamic Range over 30, going from this database!
  6. I have to say, I did like Interstellar - it's probably one of my favourite films - and the soundtrack had a lot to do with it. The score was epic IMHO and suited many of the scenes well, and sometimes the somewhat-louder-than-usual volume of it helped build tension or add extra surprise to sudden moments. The speech problems noted previously are probably the biggest issue - it's fine to crank it up so it's clear when you're on your own, one has the choice of what to do with one's hearing, but having the parents round to watch it while the neighbours were in meant riding the volume buttons on the remote up and down with some regularity. Anyway, I'm waffling on with nothing really to add to the conversation lol, only to say that I do wonder if Nolan actually has hearing issues that he is not is not aware of. I'm looking forward to Dunkirk, it seems to have great reviews, so I guess we can but cross our fingers that the mix might actually be decent...
  7. Thank you for developing and then gifting all these designs to us mere plebs, good sir
  8. I think perhaps Mr Nolan needs to have a hearing test if he is consistently ruining, sorry, turning up mixes so he can hear them how he wants to.
  9. Are the broken graphs anything to do with the recent Photobucket shenanigans, where they stopped all hosting of photos on third party sites? (Idiots!)
  10. Oh, and if I may make a request... If anyone is able to measure Passengers, I'd be interested in seeing how deep it digs!
  11. It's taken a while to get cheap but I finally watched Bullet to the Head. As a film... meh. I thought the acting was pretty bad and the story was, er, 'thin'... lol Bass-wise, I'd agree with the learned gentleman above - almost too much bass, just OTT and somewhat samey. It was like a cliché 80s action film with a poor example of a 21st century sound design.
  12. Hey Cody, I see you point to the DB test results on that page: Does DB / @Ricci get commission?
  13. Is it isobaric to halve the size?
  14. 70 litres? Isn't that like the size of a shoe box?? lol
  15. Wuuuuuuut I know that barely anyone will be able to reproduce those, but kudos for proper sound design!!
  16. Report them to the RSPCA? lol
  17. Nice - hopefully it will continue the decent lower end of the later Harry Potter films.
  18. So you basically want to deafen next door's dog into submission? lol You may well annoy any children as well, seeing as they have more sensitive hearing at the top end, which apparently disappears by the time we hit our teenage years!
  19. I watched 'Birdman' the other night - I'd forgotten I'd bought it and it was on the top of the pile, so we gave it a watch It's no ULF monster (as in there is pretty much none lol) but has an excellent drum track as the score, which would sound great on a well-aligned system with 'tight' bass. The film's also weird but good - it's a recommend from me!
  20. But wouldn't you rather have the capability to reproduce it when it is there?