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  1. Etymotics to the rescue! I need to find a true IMAX to see it in, though. JSS
  2. Oh man....that sucks. I remember re-doing all the links when the data-bass was small and the first post was deleted, then nube re-did all the links about a year after that. I really don't have time to do it again. JSS
  3. I no longer boost my subs down low chasing a flat freq response. I just use the crowsons for the <10Hz stuff (and sometimes significant amounts above 10Hz, esp at lower SPL listening). JSS
  4. That would be terrific. JSS
  5. Favorite effects in TF2: . Sideswipe introduction . Bumblebee's cannon (several times in the film) . Megatron powering up/resurrecting . Megatron greets Starscream aboard the derelict spacecraft . Shard powers up Jetfire . The 'pillars' tumble down . M1 Tank main gun fires under the slow-motion Medevac Huey At the cinema cinema, still the most overall slam I have ever experienced in a film (as well as the second-highest overall loudness in a cinema). Highlights were the Sideswipe intro, the rail gun, Megatron's coup de grace shot through Optimus. The film comes in two versions: The standard and Big Screen editions. The Big Screen Edition is the IMAX mix, and uses Dialnorm. The standard edition does not and is +4dB comparatively. They graph similarly, but are slightly different mixes. JSS
  6. I would be curious to see what your findings are for house curves at different listening levels for good impact.....My crowsons give me all the infrasound 'shake' (but none of the 'pressure/underwater' sensation) I lost from my last room, but I am missing some of the impact from my last room's final iteration, that had quite a good impulse response. Much of that is due to the new room and utter lack of ceiling treatment. JSS
  7. Then try doing BEQ and report back what you think about the corrections. It looks like the 'Pre-Amp' stage you would put in what I do for the 'Gain' portion of BEQ, and then fill in the filters for each channel. Rogue One BEQ is pretty awesome. JSS
  8. Does EqualizerAPO have a means to change the slope of shelf filters? JSS
  9. I apparently have to build that sound velocity meter....I went from two large horns to a multiple sealed build, and my experiences are a little different, but I never measured the sound velocity differences. The horn-loaded system (for same SPL), had slightly more impact, but the sealed system was nearly as impactful especially once the plinth bass traps were in place, and I moved all 8 of the sealed subs to the front wall. When I ran the sealed setup with front wall subs + nearfields, the ULF was better, but the 'slam' was not as good. Currently my room is a huge compromise, and I run a corner-screen with lots of behind-screen/front corner absorption and the subs in an arc with the center of the arc just behind the MLP. I need to build that sound velocity meter and measure. JSS
  10. Please elaborate. Very interesting findings. JSS
  11. Big Hero 6 BEQ Solution: Pre-Post: LFE Correction: Gain: -7dB Low Shelf 16Hz, Slope of 1, +6dB (6 filters for a total boost of 36dB) LCRS Correction: Gain: -7dB Low Shelf 22Hz, Slope 1.5, +4.75dB (2 filters for total boost of 9.5dB) Low Shelf 23Hz, Slope 1.5, +4.75dB (2 filters for total boost of 9.5dB) Low Shelf 24Hz, Slope 1.5, +4.75dB (2 filters for total boost of 9.5dB) Low Shelf 44Hz, Slope 0.5, +0.75dB Low Shelf 46Hz, Slope 0.5, +0.75dB Low Shelf 48Hz, Slope 0.5, +0.75dB The film gains significant weight to large effects, and while improved significantly, is not a whole new experience, but what I believe to be an enhanced way to see the film. JSS
  12. Kubo and the Two Strings: DTS-HDMA 5.1 Level - 4 Stars (110.6dB Composite) Extension - 4 Stars (11Hz) Dynamics - 5 Stars (30.1dB) Execution - TBD Overall - TBD Notes - Does clip, mainly in the center channel. Decent film, interesting animation. 20Hz is used with many large effects for shudder, just like the PvA shows. JSS
  13. If you want to convince yourself that ULF matters, look at the Transformers BEQ solution and playback the scene where Megatron shoots Jazz. Broad transient with <5Hz emphasis. It is palpable, and there for a reason. It's the first time Megatron fires his cannon. Even without BEQ, this effect is different than the rest. With BEQ, it is almost over-emphasized, but a fun effect. JSS
  14. BEQ of Vader's ship coming out of hyperspace about 124-125dB effect, not the loudest in the film, but very close: JSS