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  1. Nothing. Just a ton of subs.
  2. Yea well, I have an issue with you NOT having an issue with soundbarz.
  3. "Get one of these bad boys going pronto" has a direct translation to "Dangit Josh, hurry up and get tired of your skhorn and just bring it to me"
  4. Testing season aka the ground isn't frozen solid? I sell some stuff, I will be wanting to get one of these bad boys going pronto...
  5. It comes with a sad heart to inform those that don't know, but the brilliant actor Charlie Murphy passed away yesterday. What a said day it is.
  6. MMMM my endorphines are already dancing.
  7. The fact that this is even a discussable subject in THIS forum made me laugh. Yay for magnets. I wonder what magnetic force the rail gun uses:
  8. I think we should have a data-bass bake-off for the best cake. Please send all entries to me and I will make a definitive and concrete supposition of who will win this bake-off and therefore have the theoretical absolute best cake on the internets.
  9. Yep, you'll basically be standing inside what your sealed setup is essentially making a "Port" out of the bathroom door. You could do this @popalock 's old house and almost feel like you were levitating.
  10. I can't help but think this is the case Sergio. I have the song locally on my library at home, and have compared it to the Spotify version and they are basically spot-on. This is one of my main bass go-to demo tracks for folks who don't mind the vulgarity at least. The lowest note that IIRC from it being spec'd showed 17hz-19hz I am pretty sure.
  11. Still don't agree that it should be considered "Full range"
  12. Luke and I were discussing offline and I think we both pretty much made the call.... Josh Ricci has won the bass. All of it.
  13. Well, now that I have teh dimensions, I'm shooting you some packaging to load 'er up in. Be on the lookout.
  14. You just did a Contact reference. Pretty sure we are best friends now.
  15. So uh, what's the second cab for then? No one else notice there are two of these in a few of the pics?