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  3. the actual design is like so, ~190L and a tune around ~18.5Hz (assuming my model is accurate)
  4. I've made progress on the cab, the bottom (on the right of the pic) is glued on & am have the rest at the dry fit stage just to make sure it all fits together properly. Obviously that centre brace will have the middle cut out once I get the top of. Bit of a squeeze making this in my shed
  5. Last week
  6. What does the BIG setup consist of other than subs?
  7. Nice! Ooo! What amp changes are you thinking of doing?
  8. MAUL 2 is in place and the rest of the BIG stereo is back together. Next step is a few days tuning crossovers, delay and EQ until it sounds right. After that I want to make some amplifier changes.
  9. For me, they don't show up at all. At least with PB they show a placeholder saying how shitty they are. Think the links got FUBAR'd.
  10. Thank you for developing and then gifting all these designs to us mere plebs, good sir
  11. I think perhaps Mr Nolan needs to have a hearing test if he is consistently ruining, sorry, turning up mixes so he can hear them how he wants to.
  12. Are the broken graphs anything to do with the recent Photobucket shenanigans, where they stopped all hosting of photos on third party sites? (Idiots!)
  13. Just noticed that. I definitely liked the link directly to the main site!
  14. There is one little thing that is gone that I could see fixin'... I used to be able to click on the top banner and be sent to the main Data Bass site for tests. Clicking the banner now sends one back to the main forum page. Now there is no button anywhere on the forum (that I noticed) that allows access back to the main site. Would be cool if something was done to fix that. Thanks!
  15. I don't know. I only looked at a few examples, and it seemed to be roughly 50/50%. Some posts contain two PvAs in which only one of the two is broken.
  16. Thank you very much for sharing the plans.
  17. Well it's his problem when he has his mixers crank effects up so far that they become compressed, honky, clipped messes (DKR, Interstellar) with heavily filtered LFE's.
  18. Lets not edit anything yet until I get an answer from invision, they might have a simple tool that can fix content. I created a ticket for these issues.
  19. All the links in my amp testing thread are broke as well.
  20. Thanks, I'll ask invision to convert those URL's in the db or if they have a tool to do so, would be hard otherwise, and they should know about it. I'll look into post links and do you know if most of the PvA graphs are broken, or just a few here and there?
  21. I went ahead and added a post in the proper sub-forum (imagine that) and PMed Kyle about it. This isn't really Nolan's problem, is it? It's *every other* director's problem when cinemas turn the volume down permanently because of complaints during a Nolan movie showing.
  22. Hey Kyle, I noticed that the forum software went through a big update. I've noticed a few issues since then: Several links, including those posted to the front page of the "Low Frequency Content Thread" are broken. Looking more closely, I see at least two types of links there: The latter type is broken, presumably because of a change in pagination of the content. It looks like the latter type can be fixed by changing it to the earlier form, i.e. /page-17#entry465 ==> /?p=465 I think these could be changed all at once using a regex. If you're not sure how to do this, I can give it a stab if you can send me the raw content of that post. Several PvA graph are broken. I don't know what's going on yet, but some are broken and some are not. The post Likes are now anonymized, which is weird. Perhaps this is an optional setting that can be tweaked? These are the things I've noticed so far. If anyone else notices issues, please feel free to add a post to this thread.
  23. So it's safe to say this will be a Bass Fest when it's released on disc! Can't wait!
  24. I just attached the plans to the first post for anyone that wants them. I've had 3 or 4 other people request these plans over in Europe. Hopefully there will be some more documented builds coming up.
  25. Files posted. I've been meaning to do that for a long time.
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