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  2. I also had an Inuke amp die within a few weeks of purchase. Behringer will honor their warranty and replace it. If it is out of warranty that is unfortunate. However considering the popularity and number of units in the field there will be some that fail but it seems to be relatively rare. Sorry to hear about your amp.
  3. Folks , I am in the Pro business from the 80s and buying an NU4- 6000 was the worst investment. The amp lasted not even a day and quit from just being on . It had no load, no pressure . No satisfaction was given from Behringer . My worst ever audio sound gear experience. Am hurt and felt real cheated .
  4. I found someone to cut MDF into square pieces to my specifications. I didn't find anyone to cut the circles or make the braces (I didn't try very hard). So... I'm buying a router & I'll learn to do it myself. Novel concept. This will slow me down, but I'm not in a big hurry. It'll be a few days before I get the cut MDF. I found a Crown CDi 1000 at a good price. It produces 1400W bridged at 4ohms. I'm very pleased. It's on the way here. Things are actually happening. Money has been spent. Sometime in the near future I'll have a new sub.
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  6. It is possible. Oversimplification: The skram follows this concept, except Ricci made the skram slightly bigger (2 skrams are slightly bigger than one skhorn) and Ricci modified the ports to accommodate more tuning options.
  7. hi guys, new here. is it possible to use just half of the design? for one speaker? thanks.
  8. Started cutting yesterday at the Makers space in town, the Truckee Roundhouse. I first image is a test cut with half mm differences for getting the wood to fit just right. Second image you can see I forgot to turn off the layer for the handle recess and it cut it on the wrong side. Otherwise everything is fitting nice and snug. Once I have a cut and fit tested speaker cabinet I will share my illustrator file.
  9. Probably...Either way the rear wave of the driver is exiting back in front of the driver and the driver is offset back into the enclosure a bit which is TH like. Somewhere between a TH and Tline seems to fit. That is a huge driver and a really big enclosure. Should make some noise.
  10. Based on innovative M-Force® transducer from Powersoft®, THOR employs transmission line acoustic design, called in to maximize the performance and deliver otherwise unachievable SPL and frequency response. TH then, Stuffing?
  11. I could be wrong but to me the response looks TH like after a liberal dose of DSP. There's a notch and a small peak in the 65-80Hz area. A tuning at 20Hz or just above would likely put the "spike" in the 70Hz range. The M-force drivers don't model normal either due to the motor force.
  12. My counter would be that the bandwidth is too large and too smooth to be a TH. The EQ might help with smoothing response, but what about overall bandwidth?
  13. I think it's actually a TH variant. It is hard to tell for sure from the angle of the image but it looks like the driver fires into a throat where the motor is this then splits to the left and right and travels up, down, forward back up and then out from the top of the other side of the driver. I think! It's really hard to tell for sure from the pic. Anyway I'm going with a TH.
  14. I've got a bunch of cab "ideas" but nothing that small. Lacking the initiative to finalize on anything lately.
  15. It's a little hard to figure out what's going on. The longer I look at the picture, the more confused I get. What looks like horn folds seems to be bracing. What looks like vents (bottom corners), seems to be a dead end...
  16. Occasionally when watching movies with heavy ULF during the day time (often for critical evaluation), I notice motion in the corner of my eye coming from the flexing of the large, nearly floor-to-ceiling living room windows on my left wall. Yeah, the Hi Def Digest graph looks like it's probably "wrong", at least in terms of level normalization. Just comparing the peak levels between the two at 30 Hz, they are too far apart for lack of dialnorm compensation to be the only fault.
  17. Is that a sealed alignment or something else? It sure does drop like a rock below 20 Hz.
  18. Yeah like I said, I've heard both the DTSHD and Atmos tracks and there's no part in the movie where I think the LFE would have been up above the -5dB section on the graph. I mean in FOTP - that level at 32Hz is friggin scary in my house, there was no part in Ad Astra where I was worried about popping a window out of it's tracks like I do during the barrel roll in FOTP lol
  19. https://mag-cinema.com/image/catalog/Cinema/MAG-THOR.pdf looks decent
  20. Interesting....they are quite different, windows could account for it, but the level differences are what I see as most prominent. I wonder if the DTS-HDMA and ATMOS tracks have different dialnorm settings, or something else. JSS
  21. Yea there will be a build thread. I hope I get the time to do those in the forseeable future. And no, I'm not interested in high powered point sources for PA. Line-Array or small scale it is for me. I am toying with the idea of trying myself on designing line array elements. Some B&C drivers just scream 'buy me'... The CNC will surely not be bored! @Tahoejmfc I would've imagined that burning wood with a laser would generate some nasty smells from the wood itself (not just the fumes from the cutting). Since you're not running Nitrogen it's actually burning and not just vaporizing, isn't it? The idea with the driver wasn't a very serious one, but it would certainly be cool if you could get some actual sound from the cab Maybe @Ricci can fit a RF19 inside the 1qft cab.
  22. Not sure why my shop would smell? I’ve got a great exhaust system on the laser. I'm actually thinking of putting a small driver in it, but the calcs would have to be all done again. Otherwise it would be less than perfect. Maybe throw a B&C driver in it just for fun. I’d need to cut a freshie with proper Baltic birch as well, gotta be done right....Duratex it as well. I have this old outlaw audio amp sitting here and it might work really well for a miniature office setup. That would be pretty sick to have a scale model of a SKRAM with some mini Meyers UPQ tops.
  23. It’s rated for 3/4” but you would need to run nitrogen to keep the wood from burning too much. I cut 1/2” at like 10mm/sec.
  24. Nice. Looking forward to seeing you and your build thread for those Maybe use the cnc to build some Danley Jericho-esque mains for your PA 😁
  25. My PA mains are 85lbs each, I don't particularly like hauling them around. Plus I'd need the dsp amp with me for the EQ profiles. Not fun. These are line-array elements with a 12" lf driver and a compression driver (both B&C) with a 90x30° coverage. They sound horrid without the system EQ. Either way I will be building high quality mains soon. A tri-amped design with ribbon tweets. Highest fidelity 😉
  26. Try making a skram for an 8ich anarchy woofer. I have 2 of those in 2 tapped horns. They are paired with lsr 308s in my office. Great stuff. Someone model that please
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